NewMark Merrill COMPANIES - Celebrating 20 Years!

Community Outreach

Although the shopping center industry faces challenges due to COVID-19, we understand, most importantly, that our communities are struggling too.   From those in our community without homes to the small businesses that make up the fabric of our country, NewMark Merrill believes that now more than ever, we rise by lifting others.

Our teams have put others first during this challenging time.  We’re proud of their effort and how they’ve impacted their communities.  As our current reality continues to evolve,  we will remain committed to the needs of our beloved communities. Click HERE to learn more.


We take pride in creating an environment which allows our community to enjoy their shopping experience. Our cohesive approach includes many key factors. Targeted marketing programs designed to draw new and existing customers include digital strategies, advertising and on-site promotions. Customized center signage and marketing brochures attract tenants and customers. A focus on tenant relations – including quarterly merchant meetings – helps our tenants thrive.

Center Advertising

Direct Mailings – Convenient full color letter size coupon books and high image tri-fold oversized mailers are designed and mailed to consumers, using target marketing, area demographics and merchant input, on a quarterly basis.

Center Marketing – Our co-operative direct mailers are designed to include only merchants from the center extending discounts to enhance and increase sales for their own business which also creates a one stop shopping place for the consumer. Both new and existing customers to our shopping centers enjoy receiving our mailings on a quarterly basis.

Results for the past 7 years have consistently proven an overall 8%-21% redemption for each shopping center. Our marketing program has proven to reach many new customers, creating what we anticipate, as a shopping pattern for life. Existing customers have proven their loyalty throughout the year, and continue shopping when no discount is advertised in between quarterly mailings. Many of our merchants have been quoted to say, “The shopping center mailing is by far, the most successful advertising that we’ve done for our business”!

When trying to reach the local customer and consumer, print publications become a very effective marketing tool. By reaching thousands of homes with one publication, many communities surrounding the shopping center are exposed to the commodities offered at this location. As a marketing tool, when reaching so many individuals with one form of media, not only are readers exposed to the merchandise offered, but there is a greater chance that they are also exposed to the marketing-related programs, events and projects developing at the center, resulting in an overall increase in customer traffic. With high readership and high target audiences, Newspapers are very effective and relatively inexpensive way to market the individual shopping centers.

Ever been lost in a shopping center and want to know where certain stores are located? Can’t find one of the two site maps that are scattered throughout the property? NewMark Merrill can help! We design, print and place in store directories in each of our shopping centers to minimize confusion and make shopping enjoyable for our customers. These directories are placed in every store located within the center and are for the customer to take or for the tenant to use as a reference for other store locations within the center upon the customers request. Not only does this help the customer find their way around the shopping center, but it also acts as a great marketing tool that helps stores to cross promote.

Digital Marketing & In-Center Technology

Mobile and digital marketing are transforming the way consumers interact with merchants…and in-center technology is transforming the way that shopping centers interact with consumers. NewMark Merrill is at the forefront of these new technologies, including:

We have launched our free Wi-Fi program at many of our centers. This amenity is a huge opportunity which allows us to collect key data on our shoppers. For example, what are their shopping patterns and dwell time? In addition, what are the overall patterns for visitors by day, hour, season, etc.—and how can we use this information to drive sales? Not only do we track and analyze all of this, we also share this data with our tenants for their use as well.

Shoppers who choose to login to our free Wi-Fi provide their contact information. When the consumer returns to the center we can then reach out to them with a targeted message, offer, etc. In addition, these consumers can also be sent periodic messages about center specials via text and email, as well as specific information based on their historic behaviors.

The BlueList app offers free and unique “daily deals” that consumers and merchants both love. Based on the concept of proximity, this app sends targeted, real-time offers to consumers’ smart phones. Consumers get offers from places where they already like to shop, while merchants have an inexpensive and easy-to-use system that becomes their “mobile marketing strategy.”

The digital directories located throughout our sites include an extra layer that allows consumers to engage with the center in real time using social media. Posts using a designated hashtag show up live in a feed on this signage. For special events, consumers can post about their experience at the center.

Tenant Relations

Every quarter, NewMark Merrill conducts merchant meetings with several properties to discuss upcoming marketing events and promotions with the tenants. In addition, tenants are informed of property management issues including upgrades, landscaping and improvements planned for the center. Merchant meetings not only promote center wide participation between the tenants, but it also allows for ongoing communication between the tenants and the landlord.

Each month, NewMark Merrill designs and distributes colorful newsletters to all of its centers informing the tenants of new property issues and providing marketing updates. Marketing events, property management issues and property contacts are listed for tenant references, as participation services are sometimes requested. Newsletters are also used as a means to welcome new tenants to the centers, which in turn allows existing tenants to remain aware of their neighboring tenants and welcome them as they arrive.

NewMark Merrill requests that all of its tenants report their sales to the corporate office so that we may monitor the success or tribulations of each individual store. If a drastic decrease in sales is reported, NewMark Merrill takes appropriate steps to help the individual tenant in increasing their sales for the next month. NewMark Merrill also recognizes and rewards those tenants that have done extremely well and have an increase of sales of 20% or more when compared to the same month of the year prior. If a tenant’s sales have increased 20% or more from the same month one year prior, NewMark Merrill gives that tenant $100 cash and a certificate recognizing their membership as NewMark Merrill’s 20% Club Winner for a particular month.

Center Branding

Light Pole Signage
Adorning the parking lot light poles, the banners serve as a colorful and creative way of attracting shoppers while advertising the center.

Pylon signs
Decorating the parameters of the property, pylon signs are used to attract drivers passing the centers and encourage them to enter.

Directional Signage
Can’t find a certain shop? Look no further. Directional signs are there to direct customers in the right direction, eliminating shoppers frustration and misdirection.

Aesthetically appealing, these finishing touches add to the overall shopping experience for the shoppers…. not to mention they sound great!

NewMark Merrill Companies takes pride in offering free Spring events for the local community residents and strives to achieve an exciting, fun filled, action packed event (include holiday event photo).

Event activities include, games, music, giveaways, and the Easter Bunny! The Spring events are attended by several hundred families each year and have become a treasured community event.

NewMark Merrill Companies takes pride in offering free holiday events for the local community residents and strives to achieve an exciting, fun filled, action packed event (include holiday event photo).

Event activities include, exciting Santa’s arrival, pictures with Santa, games, music, giveaways, snow man building contest, sledding and actual snow flurries. The Holiday events are attended by several hundred families each year and have become a treasured community event.

NewMark Merrill has embarked on a mission to uplift the communities in which our shopping centers reside, instill pride, encourage social responsibility and create a space to gather. We believe bringing art to the community can aid in achieving our mission, we have begun installation of unique art projects at our properties throughout our portfolio.

Public Art at Newmark Merrill Properties