NewMark Merrill COMPANIES - Celebrating 20 Years!

Property Management


Retail Property Management

A professional team of managers experienced in all phases of retail management, with hands-on involvement by NewMark Merrill principals. On-site management offices, including supervision of maintenance, landscaping, and janitorial bid analysis. Weekly site inspections and reporting.

Design & Construction

Analysis and planning of structural design for a cost effective and eye-catching development. Tenant improvement planning and construction. Redevelopment studies and concept design, including coordination with city redevelopment agencies.

Financial Services

A professional accounting staff knowledgeable in commercial retail financing, accounting practices, and balance sheet analysis. Long term financial planning expertise, including loan restructuring and refinancing. Full-service cash management and monthly financial reporting. Feasibility studies and due diligence for acquisitions.

Retail Marketing

Targeted marketing programs, including advertising and special event promotions, to draw new and repeat retail customers. Customized center signage and marketing brochures to attract tenants and customers. Tenant relations – monthly newsletters and regular interaction
for communication and feedback.